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Dallas SEO companies

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Many Dallas SEO companies do not stress enough emphasis on the importance of meta page titles.  However, meta page titles are the second most important aspect regarding Dallas SEO (keyword selection is first), and meta page titles should never not be forgotten or overlooked.

It is vital for a website’s success that the meta page title are properly implemented. This is because meta page titles provide the search engine crawlers a true description of websites.  While many Dallas SEO companies tend to neglect the importance meta page titles, Picasso’s Web contrarily highlights its importance to our clients.

So where are meta page titles located? They reside at the top of your Internet browser’s window as well as among the blue underlined headings accompanying each search engine result. These locations give search engine users a way of quickly judging the relevance of your site to their search query.

Here are some key tips for creating meta page titles that many other Dallas SEO companies do not share.

1.) Meta page titles should reflect a concise summary explaining what your website is about.

2.) Meta page titles should include successful keywords to attract search engine crawlers.

3.) The meta page title should be less than 100 characters, but preferably under 65, because Google will only display the first 65 characters on their results pages.

Picasso’s Web supersedes other Dallas SEO companies, because we have advanced knowledge on how to effectively implement meta page titles to maximize Dallas SEO efforts. This ultimately leads to increased search engine rankings for our clients. 

Last modified on 08 April 2020
22 April 2013
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