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About the Company

Picasso’s Web is a web design company located in the Dallas, Texas area that focuses on our clients’ needs. Our business partners with other local businesses to accomplish a common goal. We share our knowledge with our clients in order to make their websites visible, approachable, usable, and practical using web-based practices and web trends research. Our developers do not program websites; they program smart, efficient, customizable, and scalable websites.

We are not happy if our clients are not pleased; our goal is customer satisfaction, because we are a customer service driven company. We are the experts in the web industry, so we give smart advices to our clients on what they need and how their websites can be less expensive while creating larger profit margins. All of our designers and web developers have vast experience in the web development industry, and we are very confident to give you the best website possible. We invest in leading-edge technology, world-class infrastructure, training, and outstanding people to enable us to offer our clients access to truly best-in-class capabilities in web technology.

I would like to say thank you to Pablo and his wonderful team for the hard work and dedication that was put into our website these last few weeks! You guys have really shown me what a professional website should look like and I am proud to have you as our developers :) I will recommend you to everyone I know and I would just like to say that you are the BEST!!!!! Thank you again.

A Happy Customer


We are on a mission.

4754328 sPicasso’s Web is a web design company with more than 14 years of experience serving premium local clients in the Dallas, Texas area. The evolution of browsers and its capabilities has allowed our company to grow. From artistic, static websites to more complicated websites with Content Management Systems (CMS), Databases, Username/Password Implementation, Social Media Integration etc., our designers and developers are here to help your business succeed.


Search Engine Optmization(SEO) is a key factor.

7129934 sWe utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and focus to meet clients’ needs; we will not settle until our clients are happy and satisfied.
Give us a call, or send us a message using our contact us Form and find out why we are the most inexpensive web company in the Dallas area.


The Secret to our success is in sustainability.

3340170 sWe design websites on top of a Content Management System so our client does not have to depend on us to make changes. We care about our client's budget and we believe is a factor for their success. We also help our clients with Social Immersion such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ so our clients' websites visibility will grow organically y sustainable. 

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