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Graphic Design

Graphic Design
At Picasso’s Web, we understand the importance of corporate identity. We utilize this knowledge to help our clients with corporate identity documentation, corporate design manuals, style guides, as well as logo- and manual-reviews. 
Brand is the definition of corporate business, and the name of an organization can also serve as its brand. Brand value reflects how the marketplace perceives a company, while identity communicates an organization’s strategy in a universal method aimed for target audiences.


Logo Typography

Developers at Picasso’s Web understand that a well-proportioned, clean font has the capability to make all of the difference in website corporate flyer design. Many businesses become distracted with the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and neglect smaller details such as typography. The developers here in Dallas, Texas advocate for good typography, because it creates that “There’s something about that” feeling in people’s consciousness. One of the most successful fonts seen everywhere (signs, buildings, planes, etc.) is Helvetica. This is the King Kong of typefaces, and it’s more than 50 years old. Helvetica changed the world of typography, because it showed typographers and graphic designers that simple is good.  As we've all heard, sometimes less is more. The same rings true in the world of design.

We make recommendations on how to define the typefaces to use based on your type of business: sizes, line height, spacing before and after, colors, headline versus body font, etc. We always, make sure to include web alternatives for non-web fonts. Large corporations tend to adopt clear sans-serif typefaces. A typeface should reflect the company’s image and beliefs. If a company is a little conservative, then it should use serif typefaces, such as Times New Roman, as these typefaces reflect classical designs. With the help of large typography, an organization should enhance the motto or message delivered to its users.

All website text, not just for corporate websites, should be readable. A web designer should take into consideration the different browser rendering engines, as text fonts are not displayed the same across browsers. 
With large corporate websites, usability plays an increasingly large role in typography design. A company should also care about its users with disabilities who can only read with the help of a screen reader, etc. It isn’t always a good approach to embed text in images and not include <alt> tags, because screen readers can’t read the text. Sadly, the majority of large organizations remain struggling with this issue.


Logo Symbol

Logos are one of the most important features of a company, because typically, a logo design is used to generate an immediate recognition from a target audience. Users often identify a corporation by its logo. Just look at the above images. The logos should immediately evoke identification of the companies they represent. Before spending extensive amounts of time dedicated to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), companies need to have something by which searchers can identify them. Logos help to differentiate a company from its competitors. Picasso’s Web utilizes some of the best designers in the Dallas, Texas area to help create logos, and our developers construct abstract images that are clean, simple, and carry very little meaning until the brand of the organization adds that meaning. This is because ultimately, a great logo means nothing until the brand/company makes it worth something.

For print and web, most brands revolve around the logo. We make sure to provide logo variations and clarify minimum sizes. Furthermore, we provide logos with different colors, and we specify which colors are allowed. Many non-designers underestimate the need for white space. We make sure to include a spacing reference, especially for the logo. Rather than specifying inches or centimeters, we use a portion of the logo (a letter or a shape) to set the clearance. This way, whether the logo is big or small, the space around it will be sufficient. 
Furthermore, we always include color palettes and rationalize what the colors should be used for. We include formats for both print and web: CMYK, Pantones (if they exist) and RGB (or HEX). We always include a CMYK alternative for Pantones because sometimes matching is hard (especially when Pantone printing is not possible). We specify primary and secondary colors and when and where to use them.


Logo Mascot

At Picasso’s Web, based out of Dallas, Texas, our designers know that a mascot can provide a website design with a fine and nice detail that the site would otherwise miss. This detail is used on private pages as often as in an online-shop or by a web-service.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might attract searchers to your site, but a good mascot can help retain them on your site for longer periods of time.

Mascots must be cute, well designed, and visually appealing, and our developers have the necessary experience creating them.  It’s important that the final mascot design is clean and fits to the overall site goals. For instance, a laughing beaver wouldn’t really help a site attempting to sell underwater accessories.

The more emotional a site design is, the more likely it is to evoke positive feelings within its visitors. To achieve a lasting impression, we tend to use visual cues and offer some eye candy for hurried and hectic users. For example, vibrant color schemes, photos, and illustrations can be used to draw user’s attention to some specific site section.

Mascots are traditionally seen in sports competitions such as Football World Championship or Olympic Games. A traditional mascot is more or less a nicely designed creature that is symbolic for something and is intended to evoke sympathy and strengthen the sense of belonging to one single team.
Today, mascots are not limited to sports teams, and are now used almost everywhere — e.g. by a number of software applications, groups and communities. It can also support the corporate identity for companies and services. Consequently, they are also becoming more and more popular in web designs.

What Do Mascots Look Like?

Animals and human-like creatures are used more frequently than some abstract creatures. The reason is quite trivial; users are more likely to associate their emotions with something they can easily recognize and find emotional binding to. Abstract creatures have to be studied and understood. Most users don’t have the time and/or patience to do that.

At Picasso’s Web, we understand that mascots carry positive feelings; mascots usually laugh and transport the feeling of joy, contentment, and happiness. To leave a lasting impression, mascots must look as cute, as sweet, as adorable, and sometimes even as silly as possible.

We design mascots that are hand-drawn illustrations, as well as mascots that are combined with logos. They appear throughout the site and motivate users to some participate in actions such as visiting some site section or filling out a sign-up form.



Efficient websites are about more than just Search Engine Optimization (SEO); they are also about the creativity involved in the construction process. Designers establish a particular tone in their photographs and images, and the developers at Picasso’s Web show our clients examples of illustrations and explain why they are appropriate choices. We show our clients in the context of our design, and explain why they were chosen for that context.

A graphic designer should be careful when designing the visual identity of a large corporation. They should take into consideration different color combinations, color meanings and color theory.

The corporate color scheme that the designer chooses makes a strong statement about the organization and how it does business. As with all of the other seven elements, colors should emphasize the philosophy and strategy of the corporation.
The designers from Picasso’s Web in Dallas, Texas have over 14 years of experience in this area, and we work hard to achieve effective illustrations for our customers.

What do our customers say?

Thank you Pablo, This is awesome. Now my website matches our quality of work we perform. Thanks.

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When you hire the services from our designers based out of Dallas, Texas, we help you understand online shoppers behavior. Remember, people want to read about it (with text) and see it (with photos / video).
We give you tips such as the use of language that appeals to the senses and to people’s aspirations. We tell our clients to be sure to use descriptive adjectives and the word “you” as much as possible, because it is important to personalize the audience’s experience.

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