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E-commerceThere are many types of websites that require a design with unique content based on differences in user experience. One of these is the e-commerce website. This type of site sells products directly on the site and usually includes hundreds, if not thousands, of different types of products. E-commerce sites heavily emphasize product images, videos, and descriptive text in order to motivate customers to buy. 



In addition to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), developers at Picasso’s Web are experts in this field, and when you hire our services for your e-commerce site, we:


  • Provide choices and create a user-friendly experience
  • Lead prospects through the sales process
  • Focus on building a long-term relationship with the customer
  • Use benefits-rich product descriptions
  • Include “trigger” words and emotional appeal
  • Write strong call-to-action statements that improve conversions
  • Use zooming, multiple images, and visual detail tools with products
  • Think video—it sells the products like nothing else
  • Know that third-party verification by TRUSTe or other certification provider is key
  • Have products listed in several categories
  • Include “top” products or “what’s new” listings

What do our customers say?

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When you hire the services from our designers based out of Dallas, Texas, we help you understand online shoppers behavior. Remember, people want to read about it (with text) and see it (with photos / video).
We give you tips such as the use of language that appeals to the senses and to people’s aspirations. We tell our clients to be sure to use descriptive adjectives and the word “you” as much as possible, because it is important to personalize the audience’s experience.

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