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Testimonial #1

12 April 2012
Written by 
Published in Testimonials
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Dooley and Sons

Thank you Pablo, This is awesome. Now my website matches our quality of work we perform. Thanks.



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  • you look great!! love those shoes and the absolutely love the shape of that seatwer. I'm having some fall/winter/time change outfit pic issues myself. mostly because I'm lazy and can't get my butt out of bed in the morning like I need to. oh, and I see no under eye bags here, girl!! -SarahPencil Skirts and Lattes recently posted..

  • BLAP BLAP BALP BALP!!!!!!!!!!This shit is CRAZY!!!!Never FU*$#^ed with Classified b4 But This shit is BIG!!!Other then the fact that you forgot to show a TRUE ctalurul reflection of the nation in this video (Where are all my Somalis, Africans, Blacks, Asians, etc) this video, the concept, the lyrics, the beat (STUPID!), made me feel really proud to be canadian.You can make up the oversight on a remix with K'naan, Kardi, Drake, and Shaun Boothe.BIG UPS to Poutine!1LoveCA

    Irin 12 January 2013 Irin
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